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Submission and Publication Guidelines:

  1. Articles are to be submitted through the website link only.
  2. All the submissions will be individually peer reviewed by subject experts of each track.
  3. All submissions will be initially screened for similarity index and language consistency (English only). Articles with error free grammar and similarity index less than 20% only will be further processed for the review process.
  4. Standard double blind review process will be followed for each article before acceptance or rejection of manuscript for publication and the decision by the track editor will be final and binding for all authors.
  5. Only the selected quality articles at par with the publication standards of the publisher and deemed suitable by the reviewers and editor will be processed for publication. However all submitted articles will be published in conference proceedings.
  6. The suitability of each article for publication will be evaluated on the following grounds:
    • Relevance of work with chosen track
    • Adequate title (precisely describing the relevance and scope of the article so as to convey the nature and content of the entire work)
    • High quality figures and detailed discussion of the results (Graphs and Tables should be of appropriate resolution so as to ensure readability in electronic and print form)
    • Reasonable conclusions (based on the results presented, or ideas/concepts discussed)
    • Coherence and consistency in presentation of work (well-expressed ideas readable and understandable by its target readers)
    • Use of grammatically correct and jargon free language (sufficiently conveys the science and intent/meaning or purpose)
  7. Based on reviewers recommendations, the manuscripts will be assigned as ‘accepted for publication’ and respective work will be eligible for presentation at conference. Consequently, the authors should prepare the manuscript in the format of proceeding for camera ready submission to the publisher.